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Red Bull BC One 2024 World Final – Rio de Janeiro

7 Dezember

Brace yourselves for the next great spectacle as the Red Bull BC One World Final makes its grand return for its 21st edition. This year, we’re setting the stage in the vibrant heart of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The iconic city will pulsate to the beats of the world’s premier breaking competition on December 7, 2024. As the world’s top b-boys and b-girls bring their fiery moves to the dance floor, the question remains: Who will etch their name in breaking history this time around?

From the vibrant rhythms of samba echoing through its bustling streets to the gravity-defying acrobatics of Capoeira, Brazil has always been a melting pot of cultural expressions. Now, the spotlight shines on Rio de Janeiro, the iconic city set against a backdrop of sun-kissed beaches and towering monuments. The Jeunesse Arena will host the Red Bull BC One 2024 World Final on December 7, 2024.

This time, it’s not just about showcasing the world’s best breakers but delving deep into Brazil’s rich tapestry of traditions and its profound influence on the breaking scene. The Red Bull BC One 2024 World Final promises to be a mesmerizing blend of skill, heritage, and the unmistakable Brazilian zest for life.

Brazil has always been a treasure trove of artistic expressions and traditions. From the melancholic tunes of bossa nova that tell tales of love and longing to the colourful festivities of carnival that paint the streets in a riot of colours, the country has consistently been a beacon for cultural enthusiasts worldwide. The land resonates with stories from the Amazonian tribes in the north to the gauchos in the south, each weaving its unique narrative into the intricate fabric of Brazilian culture. Every dance, song, and festival is a testament to Brazil’s unparalleled ability to blend its indigenous roots with contemporary influences, creating a dynamic and ever-evolving cultural panorama.


7 Dezember


Rio de Janeiro RJ
Av. Embaixador Abelardo Bueno
Barra da Tijuca, 3401 Brasilien
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